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Most of the work below as done during my time studying Art at San Jose State University.
Though I recently switched gears from engineering to 3D modeling,
and I plan updating this area with a lot more creative output soon.

Sonic Pinball Panic! Vector Graphics

Sonic Vector Art

For a recent project, I designed and modeled a 90’s era Sonic The Hedgehog pinball machine. I rendered it in Blender, but I also made it a functional game in Unity. Part of my design / project goal was to … Continue reading

NES Illustrator

Vector NES Controller

At my job my coworkers and I started “After Work Learn Club,” where our designers, engineers, VFX artists and video Editors as well as anyone who’s interested can hang out, get some drinks, and share their knowledge. Once a week, … Continue reading

One Tooth

One Tooth

After moving to Brooklyn from California I immediately started tuning into the graffiti scene. I found that the slap-game was a lot stronger than in Cali. I also found that artists in the city tended to be bombers more than … Continue reading

Mago 3D Print


Last time I posted about 3d modeling and printing Pig Pen and mentioned that Mago would be coming up next. As a reminder, here’s the painting of Pig Pen and Mago: About half the modeling was done in Blender, and … Continue reading

Pig Pen 3D Print

Pig Pen

Pig Pen is an artist holding down the graffiti scene for the South Bay. I first started noticing him all over when I did some dedicated creek-lurking, and train-track wandering days in San Jose. Pig Pen often posts artwork on … Continue reading

Maska 3D Print


Yup, another bay area graffiti 3D print. I’ll be hammering these out over the next few weeks, so get used to them! Maska paints a mask around town, sometimes a roller piece: Sometimes a trippy one: And one of my … Continue reading

Plantrees 3D Print


Continuing with my series of graffiti 3D prints, next up is Plantrees. For those that don’t know, he paints a tree! Of varying styles of course, sometimes it’s really complicated: Sometimes it’s really simple: And sometimes it’s juuuusst right (for … Continue reading

No Soul

No Soul

Sometimes when I’m tired or feeling down I find it hard to be creative or motivated to do anything. I typically call this apathetic feeling, “no soul.” I was feeling this way shortly after I had purchased my Intuous Pro. … Continue reading



Swampy is an interesting character – both the art and the artist himself. Legend has it that he hops freight trains and paints his Swamp-Donkey character all around north and South America. In this interview he stated that he he … Continue reading


Snort 3D Print!

I’m really enjoying making my favorite bay area graffiti characters in 3d  and printing them out, so here’s the next in the series: snort! When I posted this one on instagram I tagged the original artist, snortydeegs, with the picture. … Continue reading

Digital Graffito

Digital Graffito

Though I don’t paint graffiti myself, I’ve been known to doodle pieces in in my art books and school notebooks. While I enjoy working with physical mediums, my skills are definitely sharper in the digital realm. The other day I … Continue reading

CCTV Action Figure

CCTV Action Figure

While I was working on the Oracle figurine I got inspired to make one for CCTV – another local graffiti artist. CCTV is an interesting artist, because his work has a very unique style for the graffiti world. He paints … Continue reading

Oracle Figurine

Oracle Figurine

Recently I got a 3D printer, and one of my first test prints was an Oracle Head:   If you’re unfamiliar with Oracle, he is a prolific graffiti writer from the Bay Area. He draws variations of his iconic character: … Continue reading

I can has Whiteboard Art?

Whiteboard Art

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I used to work at Swirls, a frozen yogurt, smoothie and sandwich shop. Some days we had a lot of time to kill, so I spent a good hour making this sign: (Click … Continue reading

Leaving Milpitas Poster

Sandy Stec Improv Poster

The Star 101.3 Radio DJ and stand up comedian, Sandy Stec contacted me about making her website among other things. One of those side projects was this poster for the stand up comedy show, “Leaving Milpitas.” After circumstances hit her … Continue reading

Pattern Painting

Crazy Patterns!

For a college art class, we were given the assignment to play with tiling and repeating patterns. Pretty much everyone did the assignment without giving it much thought: they made sure the left edge would match the right edge, and … Continue reading

Alien Sunset

Alien Sunset

This was another old piece of work I recently rediscovered. Like the Box in the Jack, I originally doodled bits of this project on paper and colorized them in Photoshop. It all started with this guy: (Click for full size) … Continue reading

Box in the Jack

Box in the Jack

This was an old, old, old project that I just found on my computer and decided to upload. Being an introvert myself, I often feel like the odd one out, like the opposite of everyone. I was doodling and came … Continue reading

Oil Pastel Fruit

Oil Pastel Fruit

I was visiting a local Japanese dollar store (technically a $1.50 store) and some Oil Pastels caught my eye. When I was a child, I once saw Oil Pastels as a sort of forbidden-crayon, since my parents would not let … Continue reading

Multitouch Art

Multitouch Art

This time I built a simple multitouch system using some wiimote hacking techniques. The idea was to make a future new-media art piece that would allow any number of viewers to change it as they desire. The artist creates a world, instead of a static piece. This ended up being the final in my ART 12 class. Continue reading

Suicide Box

Suicide Box

The Suicide Box was a final project in my Art 13 (3d concepts) class. Although the class had nothing to do with Stereoscopics I decided to test my engineering ability on this one. This was a fun one to build and definitely a fun one to play with. Continue reading

Wireframe N64 Controller

Wire N64 Controller

Another one for my Art 13 class. This is like a 3d poly mesh of a n64 controller… except in real life. Made from modeling wire and lots and lots of painful twisting. This was interesting piece to make. Continue reading

40oz Graffiti

40 Ounce Graffiti

For this project I recreated an interesting tag from the graffiti artist “Cope 2.”

This was for my Color class so I chose a vibrant and detailed tag. I hand painted it on the side of a 40 ounce malt-liquor bottle. (Mickeys I believe!) Continue reading

Monster Mash-Up

Monster Mash-Up

For my ART-74 class, the goal was to mash-up one or more things that normally don’t go together.

I chose to mash up some random animals of various scales. The Popular Science cover was just for fun. Continue reading



Again for ART-74, this project was assigned as a photoshop triptych displaying a common theme and hidden message. I chose to do the past, present and possible future of our planet based on it’s Oil driven economy. Continue reading

ALF1 (Autonomous Light Follower One)


To learn the fundamentals of electricity, circuit design and micro computing we were given a robot kit in my Art-74 class. When calibrated properly the robot shall automatically seek light.

I named him (it’s a he) ALF-1, or, Autonomous Light Follower One. Continue reading

Sheet Metal Sculpture

Sheet Metal Sculpture

This was a simple project that involved cutting and bending a square piece of sheet metal into an abstract sculpture. We got to chose the cut, the bend and the colors. Continue reading

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