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What can I say? I like making things.
Here's some awesome that doesn't fit in another category.

Abandoned SF Bay Area

I wrote a book!

A little while back a publisher found gmiller.net and reached out to me regarding my large collection of urban exploration photos. The publisher, Fonthill Media / Arcadia, have a series of books showcasing abandoned buildings around the United States. Due to … Continue reading


Cuphead Halloween Costume

Usually I’m pretty lazy about Halloween, as I haven’t dressed up in years. But still being new to NYC I kinda wanted to go out this year and see everyone in costume. I had some friends going to the parade… … Continue reading

3D Printed Key

3D Printed Keys

Recently I’ve been learning about lock picking, both from my coworkers as well as a friend I met here in the city. I purchased a clear lock to practice picking: Several years ago I read the average digital camera’s resolution … Continue reading


DSO138 Oscilloscope

I was browsing DX as usual when something interesting caught my eye: a DIY oscilloscope kit. Previously I considered buying a $140 digital oscilloscope, but decided to pass when I saw the device had poor reviews. I still wanted one, even if it was … Continue reading

3D Printed Catapult

3D Printed Catapult

My coworkers gave me the challenge of 3d printing something Medieval related. I decided to make a Catapult with the added challenge of making it really fire. I designed the catapult as a series of pieces that could be printed separately and … Continue reading

YouVisit Hat

YouVisit Hat

I recently started a new job, so I decided it was time for a new hat themed for my work. I wrote about the last time I made a propeller hat, but instead of using dyes and paints this time I … Continue reading

New Hat

New Propeller Hat

When I started working at Google I came on board as a contractor – not as a Noogler (A New Googler). Unfortunately that meant I wasn’t entitled to certain Googler / Noogler perks. For instance, all Nooglers are given a … Continue reading

G-Board 24

G-Board 24

I’ve always loved music, and being a creator I’ve always tried to create music. While I tend to be good at art and engineering, I’ve never felt confident in my ability to make music. A few years back I decided … Continue reading

MIDI Theremin

MIDI Theremin

Even though I’m not the best musician, I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with music. Since I’ve been learning electronics recently I got excited when I realized that it would now be easy to build MIDI capable hardware! I bought a MIDI … Continue reading

Super Helping Hands

Super Helping Hands

If you’ve ever used these things, you know how evil they are: So I was browsing sparkfun.com and found that they had a new style of helping hands, that seemed… much helpier. In case you didn’t check the link, they … Continue reading

Dash LED Hack

Dash Light Cluster Hack

A little while ago my cars key broke off in it’s ignition. You might have seen the video I posted about hot wiring my car. Well, all was going good until I had to drive at night. With my car … Continue reading

91 Corolla Hot Wire Rig

91 Toyota Corolla Hotwire Rig

Recently the tip of my key broke off in my 91 Toyota Corolla’s ignition cylinder. After finding out it would be $400 to repair, I decided to have a go at it myself. If I broke the ignition, that would … Continue reading

1BR to 2BR Conversion Room Build

1BR-to-2BR House Hack

I recently moved into my friends one bedroom apartment. For the first month we shared the master bedroom, but you know, privacy is nice and all. A few years ago I had done a simpler project where I put up … Continue reading

Arduino Text Editor

Arduino Text Editor

Recently I decided to level up at electronics engineering. When I went to the 2014 San Mateo Maker’s Fair I picked up an Arduino UNO, not really knowing what to expect. After doing some of the basic tutorials I decided … Continue reading

Music Kiosk Hack

Music Kiosk Hack

The Story I love going to the flea market – over the years I’ve found many items money can’t buy. On a recent trip my friend and I discovered a music kiosk store display for only $10. I was intrigued, … Continue reading

Breifcase PC

Briefcase PC

I waited a while to post this article because I was trying to find the build-in-progress pictures. I finally found them, but unfortunately they don’t show as much as I’d like. Anyway,I built this briefcase PC a few years ago. … Continue reading

Sure Strike - Laser Training Bullet Commercial

Sure Strike Commercial

I was commissioned to make a short intro film / commercial for a product that Fast Draw Supply was selling. It’s a pretty cool product. It’s a laser in the form factor of a bullet. It can be loaded into … Continue reading

Invisible Everything - Skateboard Parody Film

Invisible Everything

Many years ago I briefly went through a skateboarding phase. It didn’t last long, but something stuck with me for several years after: an innovative seen from “Girl: Yeah Right!,” where the skaters painted their boards green, and then used … Continue reading

Fireball Gun

Fireball Gun

If you want to be more like Mario or Luigi, you don’t need a Fire Flower, because this project is for you. My friends and I were working on fixing up a FIAT x19 I had picked up for $100 … Continue reading

iPhone Tripod Mount

iPhone Tripod Mount

The other day my friend and I were filming. We were using two cameras, a proper point-and-shoot camera that also had the ability to record in 720P, as well as an iPhone 5S. Mounting the regular camera on a tripod … Continue reading

Projector LED Hack

LCD Projector LED Bulb Hack

Several years ago I purchased an LCD projector from Craigslist. Those were good times. Then the bulb started dying, and my friend wanted to trade the projector for a broken PSP and a stun-gun tazer. I don’t regret the trade … Continue reading

Jamba Juice Prize Wheel

Jamba Juice Prize Wheel

Many years ago I worked at Jamba Juice. I was getting bored with the day to day grind and managed to convince my stores General Manager and the District Manager to let my build a a prize-wheel. The idea was … Continue reading

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