Random Urban Ex
Remain Inside Shop Until Whor(n)e Blows

Workshops Revisit

Urban Ex involves going (often sneaking)
into abandoned places or industrial areas
that are typically considered “off limits.”
It’s not for the faint-of-heart.

I’ve been everywhere including a decaying Prison,
a Hospital and even some gigantic cranes.
Random Graffiti Yard
Bunkers in the Hills

Bunkers in the Hills

During my Urban Ex adventures, my friend and I
developed an interest in the graffiti scene,
after discovering many interesting artists at
the locations we were visiting. Eventually we
started visiting graffiti yards, where artists
are known to paint.
Random 3D Modeling
Lego Submarine Render

Lego Submarine “Pig Boat”

Recently I decided to start kicking-
ass at 3D modeling and Rendering.
I'm pretty good at Blender, and in the
process of teaching myself MAYA.

Check to the left for a
random 3D modeling project.
Random Art Project


I realized that, while I enjoyed coding
for myself, I was using coding as a
creative outlet, similar to LEGOs.
I realized I was coding as an art,
rather than strict engineering.

Though my art portfolio is currently sparce,
I’m excited to be updating it soon.
Random Code Article
Werd 87

Werd 87

Though I am not in love with coding
like I once was, I still write code.
Both at work and as a hobby.

Check to the left for a
random coding article,
or visit the coding page.
Random Fav. Artist
Amon Tobin

Amon Tobin

Random Song of Mine
Digital Cereal

Digital Cereal

Music is incredibly important to me.
I am almost constantly surrounding
myself with interesting sounds.

I also experiment with making
music, but I feel I have a
long road ahead to get
where I want to go musically.
Practice makes perfect,
so I’ll stick to it!
Random Projects
Arduino Text Editor

Arduino Text Editor

I am a creator at heart, so I always
have lots of projects in the works.

This section covers some of my
builds that don’t fit elsewhere.
Random Tech Review
Mac Book Pro 15"

Mac Book Pro 15″

I realized that I often find myself with
the bleeding edge of technology in my hands.

Decided to review some of
the gadgets I encounter.
Random Blog Post
Stairs Bridge

Stairs Bridge

My blog is basically a mix of all my posts in one stream.
Though I have sections for my main topics of interest,
my blog will occasionally have extra posts that don't,
fit anywhere else.

I eventually plan on making a more thorough
site-map, for all the topics in the blog, but for now
the blog is a catch call, and the tabs on the top
are for my main sections.