Urban Exploration

Urban Ex involves going (often sneaking) into abandoned places or industrial areas that are typically considered “off limits.”
Below are some of the recent places I've visited

Graffiti Yards

I've always loved graffiti, but when I started Urban Exploration it made sense to seek out every possible Graff Yard in the Bay:

3D Modeling

Recently I decided to start kicking-ass at 3D modeling and Rendering.
Check below for my recent models....


I like to make things, whether it's engineering or art. Here's some of the more artistic things...

Misc Awesome Projects

I am a creator at heart, so I always have lots of projects in the works.
This section covers some of my builds that don’t fit elsewhere.

Code Projects

These days I mainly write code as a hobby, but am considering make it a full time careeer!

Kick Ass Musicians

Music is incredibly important to me. I am almost constantly surrounding myself with interesting sounds.

My Beats

I also experiment with making music, but I feel I have a long road ahead to get where I want to go musically.

Technology Reviews

I realized that I often find myself with the bleeding edge of technology in my hands.
Decided to review some of the gadgets I encounter.

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