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15 years ago I accidentally learned to program my Atari 800XL over the summer. All through out highschool and college I was fascinated by making cool programs. I started off in Visual Basic 6 for Windows 98, and soon moved onto writing C games for my TI-89 graphing calculator which led to OpenGL graphics in C++. After a short break I came back hard with web programming, enjoying both the front-end and back-end. In the past I've coded primarily as a hobby, with a few proffional gigs. I think it would be fun to persue as a career!

Below you'll find a selection of my most proud projects over the years. Of course, this represents just a very tiny sliver of everything I've worked on. Many of which are lost, incomplete, or websites that weren't renewed by clients, or for previous employers. And of course, I'm still adding new projects as they come!

Dots for GBC

DOTs for GBC

Recently I applied to work for the Dots game company, and part of the interview process is to recreate their classic DOTs game in the Unity game engine. I had no problem doing that, so with my extra time I also … Continue reading


Sonic Pinball Panic!

While talking with one of my friends who also enjoy’s playing Pinball machines, I brought up how odd it is that Nintendo’s Mario had not one, but two physical pinball machines during the golden 8-bit and 16-bit era of video games: … Continue reading

Fix It Felix JR GBC

GameBoy Color: Fix it Felix JR.

While developing my Worms World Party TI-89 remake, I realized that after 18 years of development experience that I wasn’t as intimidated by the C language as much as I previously thought. I decided to see what else I could … Continue reading

Pizza Shader

Pizza Shader

Joking around, my friend and I were talking about “Bredtangle Pizzas” that were rectangular pizza’s often sold in schools in the USA. We were tired from work, at the end of the day, and starting to get silly. We came … Continue reading

Worms TI-89 Update

Worms TI-89 Update

Several years ago I wrote about a code project I made for my Texas Instruments TI-89 Graphing Calculator. It was a Worms World Party fan clone. Well, despite the fact that I made that project a decade ago when I … Continue reading

Spiral Clock

Spiral Clock

I was browsing Reddit the other day and someone drew a spiral clock: https://www.reddit.com/r/drawing/comments/44kfdd/quick_drawing_i_did_a_while_ago_i_like_time/ I liked the idea, so I decided to implement one in Javascript with an HTML5 canvas. Check out the demo here: http://gmiller.net/assets/spiral_clock/ I used GULP with … Continue reading



Check www.classetta.com for a quick demo. Part of being a programmer is knowing and working in many different languages. While most languages follow the same basic principals, their verbiage can vary. For example, to find the first instance of a sub-string … Continue reading

Node Bucket

Node Bucket (Beta)

A long time a go I wrote a paint-bucket style painting application. Just for fun I decided to make a special mode where the paint bucket would randomly change colors at various times, or change color every time I pushed … Continue reading

Draw Bot Simulator

Draw Bot Simulator

TL;DR: I made a plotter that uses rotations to draw, and it’s hypnotic to watch. So recently I imagined an interesting way for a robot to draw images. Typically drawing robots (sometimes called “plotters”) use two axes, one for horizontal … Continue reading

Music Kiosk Hack

Music Kiosk Hack

The Story I love going to the flea market – over the years I’ve found many items money can’t buy. On a recent trip my friend and I discovered a music kiosk store display for only $10. I was intrigued, … Continue reading

Jerrys Place VR

Jerry’s Place VR

As I wrote about earlier, I recently got an Oculus Rift. Because the current version isn’t consumer-ready, it’s marketed as a developer prototype. As such, Oculus currently includes a 6 month free trial of the Unity game engine so developers can … Continue reading

Lolo Web GL Game

Web GL Lolo

During my childhood, The Adventures of Lolo was one of my favorite Nintendo (NES) games. It was a basic top-down puzzle game that had a really good balance of puzzle elements and cute graphics. At times it was also very difficult, … Continue reading

Lotto Printer

Lotto Printer

Click here to check out the project! A couple years ago I had a housemate named Rachad. He was a big fan of the California State Lotto, and he asked me to help him buy lotto tickets. I threw together … Continue reading

Garfield Comic Generator

Garfield Comic Generator

Important: All the comic artwork below is not my property and is copyright by Paws, Inc. and Jim Davis. I do not claim any copyright what-so-ever, and only wrote the code to randomly assemble the art. Please visit http://garfield.com/ and support the … Continue reading


Captcha Game

Click here to check out the project! Recaptcha used to be really cool. Not only was it the de facto standard for human verification on the web, but it also had a noble goal. Google, who was always thirsty for … Continue reading

Werd 87

Werd 87

My friend recently reminded me of this Troll project, so I decided to upload it. Back in high school I made a prequel-satire of Microsoft word, including a Clippy parody. Warning: if you run this, you will need to end … Continue reading


Swirls Arcade

I made this game for the same business I made the Swirls Website for. Although this wasn’t part of the job, I made it for fun to get back into programming.

The idea was to make a touch-screen compatible game for customers to pass time with, while waiting in line or for their order to be prepared.
Continue reading

Space Shoot Out TI-89

Space Shoot Out

Space Shoot Out was my first major game for the TI-89 Graphing Calculator. Written in C++.

This is a generic overhead shoot-em-up, which was a very popular genre on calculators for the time. Continue reading

Super Mario 68K TI-89

Super Mario 68k

There was an advanced Mario game for the TI-89 calculator, but the name was changed to “Space Monkey Quest.” It featured Mario graphics, except coins became bananas.

This bothered me, so I set out to clone the entire first Super Mario Bros. for TI-89. Continue reading

Worms 89 TI-89

Worms 89

On ticalc.org I found a Worms clone for TI-89. My friends and I spent a huge amount of time playing it to/from school those days. It was limited in its terrain, weapon set, and physics in general. I decided to clone all of Worms World Party for the calculator. Continue reading

GTMT MiniGolf


This was my first major windows C++ program as well as my first full-on dive into OpenGL graphics. I made this during the end of high school, to compete with the jippii.co.uk 2d minigolf game.
Continue reading



Originally I wanted to make a 2d game engine, with really detailed physics, and a game that involved solving physics related puzzles. Ultimately I started working on other projects, but this remains as a fun toy. Continue reading

Cool Effect Screen

Cool Effect

I went totally creative on naming this one =P. I was inspired by a screen saver that slowly disintegrates your desktop into a random mess. I decided to recreate this effect, but LIVE. You can actually still use the computer while it disintegrates. Continue reading


The following section shows a collection of various websites I made primarily as a freelance contractor. Many of they are very old, and reflect the visual language of the Internets past. (read: the don't look all that modern and slick). That said, they do represent a good portion of my growth and body of work.

Most were either custom rolled-php frameworks, or wordpress based with heavy wordpress customizing and theming.

Check the articles below for a breif synopsis of their history and process!


[2014] ocelotent.com

My friend and I want to kick start of my ideas. Ocelotent.com is our site, just a quick wordpress theme. http://ocelotent.com/


[2011] leavingmilpitas.com

Sandy Stec, who I’ve written about a couple times before asked me to make her a separate site for her comedy tour, Leaving Milpitas. If you’re unaware, Milipitas is a really boring suburb in the bay area. It also smells … Continue reading


[2011] citytechsf.com

A friend of a friend needed a new website for his autobody shop in SF. Check out citytechsf.com


[2010] sandystec.com

Sandy  Stec is a radio personality and stand up comedian. You should definitely check her out. Anyway, my friend noticed I was getting better at making websites and offered her my services when she mentioned wanted a new website. After … Continue reading


[2010] goldenstategun slingers.com

My ex-coworker for Cisco was an active member in a wild-west style quick-draw gun club. They have a cool set up in Los Banos, CA, where you can pack a revolver with wax slugs and fire at quick-draw targets. In … Continue reading


[2010] jumblebag.com

This is a fun story you’ll wanna read… woot.com is known for it’s “bag of crap,” which was a mystery-surprise bag. woot.com usually sells cool stuff, but occasionally they end up with junk they cant sell – either because it’s left … Continue reading


[2009] lawndoctorbliss.com

I had a roommate who was a lawn-care expert. Besides just cutting the lawn, he knew everything about planting, weeding, watering, and generally caring for lawns. He asked me to make him a website, so I threw this together. Nothing … Continue reading


[2009] carstocash.com

I needed a car, but I didn’t exactly have a lot of fluid cash to spend. I came up with a plan. I noticed that a local used-car dealership didn’t have a website. Without asking I whipped up a demo … Continue reading


[2008] lolfiction.com

Check out http://lolfiction.com/ This was a major fun project. I had just finished my first full stack web project, and for the first time in my life I wrote PHP, MySQL, CSS, AJAX in addition to HTML. I was new to … Continue reading


[2007] swirsfroyo.com

Please excuse the obnoxious green background. Although I was young both in my design ability and my web-dev ability when I made this site, I did not chose the background color! But I’ll get to that in a moment. This … Continue reading

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