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One Tooth

One Tooth

After moving to Brooklyn from California I immediately started tuning into the graffiti scene. I found that the slap-game was a lot stronger than in Cali. I also found that artists in the city tended to be bombers more than … Continue reading

3D Printed Key

3D Printed Keys

Recently I’ve been learning about lock picking, both from my coworkers as well as a friend I met here in the city. I purchased a clear lock to practice picking: Several years ago I read the average digital camera’s resolution … Continue reading


DSO138 Oscilloscope

I was browsing DX as usual when something interesting caught my eye: a DIY oscilloscope kit. Previously I considered buying a $140 digital oscilloscope, but decided to pass when I saw the device had poor reviews. I still wanted one, even if it was … Continue reading

3D Printed Catapult

3D Printed Catapult

My coworkers gave me the challenge of 3d printing something Medieval related. I decided to make a Catapult with the added challenge of making it really fire. I designed the catapult as a series of pieces that could be printed separately and … Continue reading

Mago 3D Print


Last time I posted about 3d modeling and printing Pig Pen and mentioned that Mago would be coming up next. As a reminder, here’s the painting of Pig Pen and Mago: About half the modeling was done in Blender, and … Continue reading

Maska 3D Print


Yup, another bay area graffiti 3D print. I’ll be hammering these out over the next few weeks, so get used to them! Maska paints a mask around town, sometimes a roller piece: Sometimes a trippy one: And one of my … Continue reading

Plantrees 3D Print


Continuing with my series of graffiti 3D prints, next up is Plantrees. For those that don’t know, he paints a tree! Of varying styles of course, sometimes it’s really complicated: Sometimes it’s really simple: And sometimes it’s juuuusst right (for … Continue reading


Snort 3D Print!

I’m really enjoying making my favorite bay area graffiti characters in 3d  and printing them out, so here’s the next in the series: snort! When I posted this one on instagram I tagged the original artist, snortydeegs, with the picture. … Continue reading

CCTV Action Figure

CCTV Action Figure

While I was working on the Oracle figurine I got inspired to make one for CCTV – another local graffiti artist. CCTV is an interesting artist, because his work has a very unique style for the graffiti world. He paints … Continue reading

Oracle Figurine

Oracle Figurine

Recently I got a 3D printer, and one of my first test prints was an Oracle Head:   If you’re unfamiliar with Oracle, he is a prolific graffiti writer from the Bay Area. He draws variations of his iconic character: … Continue reading


Ultimaker Original

I’ve wanted a 3D printer for years… almost four years if I recall correctly. The day has finally come. My coworker gave me a heads-up that her friend was selling her Ultimaker original. I made an offer and took home … Continue reading

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