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Retro Fighters NES

Retro Fighters NES Controller

The Retro Fighters NES Controller was a total impulse buy. I was at my local Brooklyn Microcenter to pick up a hard drive and some plastic for my 3D printer. I happened to notice this, and I’m not sure why, … Continue reading

Brookstone Virtual Keyboard Green

Virtual Laser Keyboard

I was kinda shocked when I saw this sitting on the shelf. I have seen pictures of a device like this on the Internet for years. I never thought it was actually made for consumers, it seemed more like a … Continue reading

Mini Projector

Mini Projector

Sometimes I’m in the mood to gamble on some cheap technology. I don’t necessarily care about the cutting edge tech – sometimes it fun to see what you can get for a few bucks. Enter a $36 projector from amazon.com. … Continue reading

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