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Sonic Pinball Panic!

While talking with one of my friends who also enjoy’s playing Pinball machines, I brought up how odd it is that Nintendo’s Mario had not one, but two physical pinball machines during the golden 8-bit and 16-bit era of video games: … Continue reading


Sonic Pinball Machine

As mentioned previously, I’ve been working on a Sonic The Hedgehog pinball machine designed to 90’s specifications. The original project goal was just to make some Blender Renders – as real as I could. Ultimately got sucked into making a complete … Continue reading

Sonic Pinball Panic! Vector Graphics

Sonic Vector Art

For a recent project, I designed and modeled a 90’s era Sonic The Hedgehog pinball machine. I rendered it in Blender, but I also made it a functional game in Unity. Part of my design / project goal was to … Continue reading

Portable Sega Genesis Player

Portable Sega Genesis Player

About 5 or 6 years ago I saw one of these in a blister pack hanging on the shelves at Fry’s Electronics. Instead of blue trim it was orange, and instead of $40 I think it was $70. At the … Continue reading

Hooker Alley

Hooker Alley

This alley is reminiscent of some of the San Francisco Mission alleys. The most notable feature besides the graffiti, though, is the number of prostitutes we saw strolling around, ducking behind cars when cops came through. Besides the ladies, this … Continue reading

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