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Ricoh Thea M15

Theta M15 360 Camera

I LOVE This device! I originally got to try a Theta M15 camera at the 2015 San Mateo Maker Faire. We gathered around and took a group shot. It was cool, but it’s impressiveness hadn’t sunken in on me yet. Recently … Continue reading


iBlazr Flash

At my previous job we had an internal mailing list where people would post stuff for sale, like a mini craigslist. In a huge corporation you can sort through hundreds of posts a day. Being a thrifty-geek I ended up … Continue reading

Lytro Camera Render

Lytro Camera

I’ve written about the Lytro Light-field camera I was given for Christmas previously, but this time I’m rendering it instead of reviewing it. Although the geometry for the camera and it’s box are pretty simple, I decided to render this … Continue reading

Samsung Smart Camera WB250F

Samsung Smart Camera WB250F

When I first started modeling for Google I was in awe of the cameras my coworkers were able to model. Before long I found myself assigned to model this Samsung Smart Camera WB250F. I was intimidated, but it was nowhere … Continue reading

Nikon S33 Blue

Blue Nikon S33

I modeled this Blue Nikon S33 camera for my work. This model was originally intended to be displayed in an OpenGL live viewer. However, I took some time to throw-on and dial-in some materials for the renders below. Check a … Continue reading

iPhone Tripod Mount

iPhone Tripod Mount

The other day my friend and I were filming. We were using two cameras, a proper point-and-shoot camera that also had the ability to record in 720P, as well as an iPhone 5S. Mounting the regular camera on a tripod … Continue reading

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