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Abandoned SF Bay Area

I wrote a book!

A little while back a publisher found gmiller.net and reached out to me regarding my large collection of urban exploration photos. The publisher, Fonthill Media / Arcadia, have a series of books showcasing abandoned buildings around the United States. Due to … Continue reading

Canvas Collection

My Canvas Collection

Over the years I’ve been introduced to and have met up with several bay area graffiti writers. When given then chance I always try to get a canvas. I’ve never really documented my collection anywhere before until now. Below are … Continue reading

180+ Girafas

180+ Girafas (and counting!)

On Jan 01 2015 I started a campaign on Instagram to post the 150 girafa peices @bayareawanderer and I had found over the course of our adventures. For the next six months I updated Instagram daily under the #150girafas tag. … Continue reading

Bay Area Wandering

Bay Area Wandering

My exploring buddy goes by the handle @bayareawanderer on Instagram. Over the past year he’s been compiling footage of the urban exploration and graffiti yards we’ve visited. He finally made a video, and it came out wonderful. Check it out!

CCTV Action Figure

CCTV Action Figure

While I was working on the Oracle figurine I got inspired to make one for CCTV – another local graffiti artist. CCTV is an interesting artist, because his work has a very unique style for the graffiti world. He paints … Continue reading

Oracle Figurine

Oracle Figurine

Recently I got a 3D printer, and one of my first test prints was an Oracle Head:   If you’re unfamiliar with Oracle, he is a prolific graffiti writer from the Bay Area. He draws variations of his iconic character: … Continue reading

150 Girafas

150 Girafas Found!

I recently when though my entire archive of graffiti photos, and separated out one of each Girafa I have visited. I’m three away from having visited 150 still-running Girafa peices! While this blog post might be a bit early, I … Continue reading

Girafa - Unmasked!

Girafa Unmasked

I’m posting this a little late after the fact, but a few weeks ago Girafa held a show at the Seeing Things Gallery in San Jose. As far as I’m aware, this was the first time he did a public … Continue reading

Me on the cover of the East Bay Express

I’m on the cover of the EBX!

A little while back my exploring buddy was interviewed for an article about urban exploration and graffiti hunting. The reporter chose a picture of me for the front page of the East Bay Express! I’m also mentioned a few times … Continue reading

Rain Boots


This TotT article will focus on rain boots. While flashlights are indispensable for tunnels, respirators are indispensable for abandoned buildings, creeks are insufferable without rain boots. It’s funny, because I’ve heard from more than one person that we’re “lucky” to … Continue reading



After a full day of exploring, our final stop was a GATS show in SF. Though the goodies for sale were waaay too expensive, the art was great. My favorite by far, though, were the 3D GATS masks. It’s always … Continue reading

Stay Vaped

Stay Vaped Girafa Mural

Girafa recently painted a mural at a local San Jose vape shop, Stay Vaped. Besides the mural, there were also some stickers available for purchase. I think it’s amusing that the stickers say Stay Vaped. People who are unfamiliar with … Continue reading

The Legend of Musk

The Legend of Musk

When I met up with Musk to purchase a piece from him, he had this comic book to show me. I didn’t get to keep a copy, but he let me snap some photos. Now I present to the world: … Continue reading



My next TotT article will focus on flashlights. Small-to-Medium LED Flashlights During our first few outings, we inevitably found ourselves needing flashlights. We headed to the local hardware store and picked up a couple cheap LED based flashlights, and they … Continue reading

P100 Respirators

P100 Respirators

For my first TotT Urban Ex article, I’m going to discuss the importance of P100 respirator masks. Going in abandoned buildings, drainage tunnels, and other places where air quality is questionable, poses several hazards. First, there’s the lead paint. Many abandoned … Continue reading

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