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Shrimp Render

Cajun Shrimp

Continuing with my theme of food, after the burger render and the sushi render, I feel proud about what I believe is my best work yet: a Cajun/Creole Sea Food render. To challenge myself, I once again imagined the most … Continue reading

Burger Render

Burger & Fries

Like my Sushi project, I wanted to do another in my series of food renders. The subreddit r/blender has a monthly contest and while I was modeling this project, the current contest subject was photorealism. I figure the contest fit my food theme, … Continue reading

Sushi Render


Sometimes I try to challenge my self and in this case I tried to imagine one of the more difficult things I could model and render in Blender. I came up with Sushi. Furthermore, I decided that modeling and rendering … Continue reading

Lytro Camera Render

Lytro Camera

I’ve written about the Lytro Light-field camera I was given for Christmas previously, but this time I’m rendering it instead of reviewing it. Although the geometry for the camera and it’s box are pretty simple, I decided to render this … Continue reading

Plantrees 3D Print


Continuing with my series of graffiti 3D prints, next up is Plantrees. For those that don’t know, he paints a tree! Of varying styles of course, sometimes it’s really complicated: Sometimes it’s really simple: And sometimes it’s juuuusst right (for … Continue reading

Wii U Render

Wii U

I recently picked up and reviewed a Wii U. Of course, I had to render it was well, continuing with the theme of the 3DS XL and the Nintendo 64! As usual, the model was made and rendered in Blender … Continue reading

Box Cutter Render

Box Cutter

I was looking at the interesting topology of the knife sitting on my table. I decided to see how well I could model it… Of course I used Blender and rendered in Cycles! For reference, here’s how the actual knife … Continue reading

Seinfelds Apartment

Seinfeld’s Apartment in 3D

As I wrote about earlier, I recently got an Oculus Rift. Because the current version isn’t consumer-ready, it’s marketed as a developer prototype. As such, Oculus currently includes a 6 month free trial of the Unity game engine so developers … Continue reading

Sir Rheele Render

Sir Rheele Render

On the popular social media site Reddit, the /r/blender subreddit has a themed contest every month. This is the first month I entered, as I liked it’s theme: surrealism. About 7 or 8 years ago I originally created this doodle … Continue reading

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