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Razer Blackwidow Chroma Keyboard

Razer Blackwidow Chroma Keyboard

In a previous post I reviewed the Poseidon-Z keyboard. I loved that keyboard, and thought I would be using it for some time to come. That is, of course, until a spill happened. Unfortunately mechanical keyboards are much more susceptible to … Continue reading


iBlazr Flash

At my previous job we had an internal mailing list where people would post stuff for sale, like a mini craigslist. In a huge corporation you can sort through hundreds of posts a day. Being a thrifty-geek I ended up … Continue reading

Diehard Flashlight Render

DieHard 41-6003 Render

Sometimes when I look around the room I noticed hard surface objects that I think would be fun to model and render, or quick to model and render. Seeing this flashlight on my desk I decided it would be both … Continue reading

74LS595 Shift Out Register Tutorial

74LS595 Shift Register Tutorial

Since I’m new to electronics I thought I would document some of my successful experiments. Both so others can learn from my progress and so I can have a reference to revisit in the future in case I run into … Continue reading



My next TotT article will focus on flashlights. Small-to-Medium LED Flashlights During our first few outings, we inevitably found ourselves needing flashlights. We headed to the local hardware store and picked up a couple cheap LED based flashlights, and they … Continue reading

Projector LED Hack

LCD Projector LED Bulb Hack

Several years ago I purchased an LCD projector from Craigslist. Those were good times. Then the bulb started dying, and my friend wanted to trade the projector for a broken PSP and a stun-gun tazer. I don’t regret the trade … Continue reading

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