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Huawei Mate S

Huawei Mate S. (3D Touch)

Huawei Mate S: Apple’s 3D touch technology competitor? The Huawei Mate S is the world’s first non-iPhone to sport the 3D touch technology. While 3D touch is its selling point, it’s also the smartphone’s biggest flaw. Apple’s pressure-sensitive display is … Continue reading


iBlazr Flash

At my previous job we had an internal mailing list where people would post stuff for sale, like a mini craigslist. In a huge corporation you can sort through hundreds of posts a day. Being a thrifty-geek I ended up … Continue reading

Apple - iPhone 6

iPhone 6

The Apple iPhone 4S was actually my first review in the technology review section. It’s not surprising – I have had that phone forever. I was very impressed with the longevity of the 4S. It lasted me slightly over 3 … Continue reading

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

You might think it’s weird to review a 2 year old phone – 2 years after it was released. Especially since 2 generations of the phone have been released afterward. But I think it’s a fair and interesting idea to … Continue reading

iPhone Tripod Mount

iPhone Tripod Mount

The other day my friend and I were filming. We were using two cameras, a proper point-and-shoot camera that also had the ability to record in 720P, as well as an iPhone 5S. Mounting the regular camera on a tripod … Continue reading

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