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More Cranes!

More Cranes!

Much much earlier in my adventures I had visited and climbed some cranes. That was one of my most cherished exploring memories so I was ecstatic to find some more easily accessible, easily climbable cranes! Well, truth be-told I only … Continue reading

Abandoned Sky Scraper

Abandoned Sky Scraper

I happened upon this building during a near-by adventure and noticed it was abandoned. Later, when driving by I noticed hand-styles in the windows. IT HAD TO BE DONE. Unfortunately it was locked super-tight when we arrived to check it … Continue reading

Pattern Painting

Crazy Patterns!

For a college art class, we were given the assignment to play with tiling and repeating patterns. Pretty much everyone did the assignment without giving it much thought: they made sure the left edge would match the right edge, and … Continue reading



I can’t say enough good things about Bonobo. Like many, many, many of my favorite musicians I first heard him through monkeyradio.org. Though the stuff on monkey radio, at the time, was his older stuff. At that time his newest … Continue reading

Thievery Corporation

Thievory Corporation

I discovered the Thievery Corporation many years ago, and they definitely left an impact.  There was a time when they were all I played. Each of their albums has it’s own style, all in the down-tempo, chill out, dub and … Continue reading

Spongebob Yard

Spongebob Yard

For lack of a better name, I called this amazing yard after an epic Spongebog Squarepants parody mural located there. Truly an in-person must-see.

Epic Alley

Epic Alley + Nearby

Epic is the only word to describe the magnitude of this graffiti alley. This set also includes some smaller walls in the nearby area.

Abandoned Prison


(Not Alcatraz!) The title says it all – this was one of the most wonderful, frightening, out-of-this-world explorations we had done to-date. To make things more intense, there was slight rain going on this day – and dripping water echoing … Continue reading

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