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NES Illustrator

Vector NES Controller

At my job my coworkers and I started “After Work Learn Club,” where our designers, engineers, VFX artists and video Editors as well as anyone who’s interested can hang out, get some drinks, and share their knowledge. Once a week … Continue reading

8bitdo Bluetooth NES

8BITDO Bluetooth NES Controller

Another day, another controller review. Lol. My first “smartphone” as we would know them today, was an early Android HTC Hero, probably around Android Cupcake or so. For a long time I’ve been of the mind that Android is unusable, and I … Continue reading

Retro Fighters NES

Retro Fighters NES Controller

The Retro Fighters NES Controller was a total impulse buy. I was at my local Brooklyn Microcenter to pick up a hard drive and some plastic for my 3D printer. I happened to notice this, and I’m not sure why, … Continue reading

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