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The Last Yard on the Tracks?

Last Yard on the Tracks?

I have ridden the train by this yard many times in the past. It’s always looked pretty decent, and after shooting it at less than 50MPH, I can say that it was decent. While exploring this area my buddy and … Continue reading

Caltrain Yard

Caltrain Yard

This yard is visible from the Caltrain tracks, lurking in the shade from the streets passing above.



This dilapidated structure was once a busy round house for Bay Area trains. It now has become an art gallery of sorts.

East Bay Tracks 2

East Bay Tracks #2

Another stretch of train tracks tucked away in the East Bay.

East Bay Tracks 1

East Bay Tracks #1

This stretch of East Bay train tracks started out pretty whack. Luckily towards the end, the graffiti ramped up and included several epic pieces, including 3 separate pieces from one of my favorite writers: Maska.

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