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Spongebob Yard Revisit

Spongebob Yard Redo

We had to pass through this area to get to another spot, so we snapped the things that had changed since last time, including a few interesting pieces we missed. We had been looking exhaustively for this brick Girafa, and … Continue reading

Pool Revisit

Pool Revisit

The first time we visited this location, there was a band filming a music video there, so we didn’t want to spent too much time disturbing them. Worse, the camera I had been using decided that instead of telling me … Continue reading

Remain Inside Shop Until Whor(n)e Blows

Workshops Revisit

Due to a technical malfunction, and limited light during our first visit to the Workshops, we planed a second visit so we could document them better. This time we got a much better selection of pictures, and we also went … Continue reading

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