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Beach Pipes

Beach Pipes

I’ve known about this spots location and have been wanting to check it out for awhile. The outside is easy to check out, and probably familiar to people who walk their dogs on the beach. But what’s inside is whats … Continue reading

South Bay Creeks

More South Bay Creeks

While in the area, decided to check some south bay creeks off the bottomless list. Turns out, one of the stops we checked @bayareawanderer had already been to – and was home to a girafa I had yet to capture … Continue reading

180+ Girafas

180+ Girafas (and counting!)

On Jan 01 2015 I started a campaign on Instagram to post the 150 girafa peices @bayareawanderer and I had found over the course of our adventures. For the next six months I updated Instagram daily under the #150girafas tag. … Continue reading

150 Girafas

150 Girafas Found!

I recently when though my entire archive of graffiti photos, and separated out one of each Girafa I have visited. I’m three away from having visited 150 still-running Girafa peices! While this blog post might be a bit early, I … Continue reading

Girafa - Unmasked!

Girafa Unmasked

I’m posting this a little late after the fact, but a few weeks ago Girafa held a show at the Seeing Things Gallery in San Jose. As far as I’m aware, this was the first time he did a public … Continue reading

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