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Spiral Clock

Spiral Clock

I was browsing Reddit the other day and someone drew a spiral clock: https://www.reddit.com/r/drawing/comments/44kfdd/quick_drawing_i_did_a_while_ago_i_like_time/ I liked the idea, so I decided to implement one in Javascript with an HTML5 canvas. Check out the demo here: http://gmiller.net/assets/spiral_clock/ I used GULP with … Continue reading



Check www.classetta.com for a quick demo. Part of being a programmer is knowing and working in many different languages. While most languages follow the same basic principals, their verbiage can vary. For example, to find the first instance of a sub-string … Continue reading

Node Bucket

Node Bucket (Beta)

A long time a go I wrote a paint-bucket style painting application. Just for fun I decided to make a special mode where the paint bucket would randomly change colors at various times, or change color every time I pushed … Continue reading


[2008] lolfiction.com

Check out http://lolfiction.com/ This was a major fun project. I had just finished my first full stack web project, and for the first time in my life I wrote PHP, MySQL, CSS, AJAX in addition to HTML. I was new to … Continue reading

Garfield Comic Generator

Garfield Comic Generator

Important: All the comic artwork below is not my property and is copyright by Paws, Inc. and Jim Davis. I do not claim any copyright what-so-ever, and only wrote the code to randomly assemble the art. Please visit http://garfield.com/ and support the … Continue reading


Captcha Game

Click here to check out the project! Recaptcha used to be really cool. Not only was it the de facto standard for human verification on the web, but it also had a noble goal. Google, who was always thirsty for … Continue reading

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