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Music Kiosk Hack

Music Kiosk Hack

The Story I love going to the flea market – over the years I’ve found many items money can’t buy. On a recent trip my friend and I discovered a music kiosk store display for only $10. I was intrigued, … Continue reading

Breifcase PC

Briefcase PC

I waited a while to post this article because I was trying to find the build-in-progress pictures. I finally found them, but unfortunately they don’t show as much as I’d like. Anyway,I built this briefcase PC a few years ago. … Continue reading

Projector LED Hack

LCD Projector LED Bulb Hack

Several years ago I purchased an LCD projector from Craigslist. Those were good times. Then the bulb started dying, and my friend wanted to trade the projector for a broken PSP and a stun-gun tazer. I don’t regret the trade … Continue reading

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