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East Bay Creeks

East Bay Tunnels

While on the hunt for a specific spot we had a giant list of unchecked east bay creeks to work through. Here are some highlights of mixed creeks.  



As I’ve written about before: persistence pays off. We originally just wanted to scope out what was under the road, but after seeing what looked promising we headed back to the car to pick up boots so we could walk … Continue reading

North-South Creek

North South Creek

We found a group of interconnected creeks, with the main line running north-south, while a few creeks split off to the east. This is the first creek, with many stops along the way, of the creek system.

Misc Creeks

Misc Creeks

None of these creeks were really special enough to warrant a post of their own, but they are very close geographically.

Parallel Creeks

Parallel Creeks

This is a set of various tunnels and bridges along an east bay creek. It features a set of two parallel tunnels that were rather long. Unfortunately it was too dark to properly photograph and many of our shots came … Continue reading

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