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180+ Girafas

180+ Girafas (and counting!)

On Jan 01 2015 I started a campaign on Instagram to post the 150 girafa peices @bayareawanderer and I had found over the course of our adventures. For the next six months I updated Instagram daily under the #150girafas tag. … Continue reading

Bay Area Wandering

Bay Area Wandering

My exploring buddy goes by the handle @bayareawanderer on Instagram. Over the past year he’s been compiling footage of the urban exploration and graffiti yards we’ve visited. He finally made a video, and it came out wonderful. Check it out!

Girafa - Unmasked!

Girafa Unmasked

I’m posting this a little late after the fact, but a few weeks ago Girafa held a show at the Seeing Things Gallery in San Jose. As far as I’m aware, this was the first time he did a public … Continue reading

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