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336 Rooms

336 Rooms

With four floors, 6 halls, 14 rooms per hall, this building had over 336 rooms. It’s shaped like a giant Asterisk, and is one hell of an urban exploration. The icing on the cake is the huge amount of classic, … Continue reading

Bunker Madness

Barrack Madness

This is a huge sprawling complex of abandoned barracks. We painstakingly entered dozens of them. It seems as if a local group of air-soft teams has been using this complex for their war simulation. There were tons of plastic BBs … Continue reading

Burned Bunkers

Burned Barracks

This was a complex of fire-damaged barracks. The buildings were super unstable, so we had to be careful while placing every footstep. In one of the first areas we entered, the top story was completely sinking into the first story … Continue reading

Creepy Bunkers Clown

Creepy Barracks

These abandoned, decaying barracks have been rotting away in the East bay for years. We decided to check them out on the way home from The Bulb. I happened upon these several years ago, when I was alone on a solo … Continue reading

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