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8bitdo Bluetooth NES

8BITDO Bluetooth NES Controller

Another day, another controller review. Lol. My first “smartphone” as we would know them today, was an early Android HTC Hero, probably around Android Cupcake or so. For a long time I’ve been of the mind that Android is unusable, and I … Continue reading

Brookstone Virtual Keyboard Green

Virtual Laser Keyboard

I was kinda shocked when I saw this sitting on the shelf. I have seen pictures of a device like this on the Internet for years. I never thought it was actually made for consumers, it seemed more like a … Continue reading

Mini Keyboard

Mini Wireless Keyboard

I picked this guy up from Deal Extreme as part of package deal with the Android Mini PC, although it is sold separately. At first I was skeptical because I don’t like rechargeable things. I would much rather have one … Continue reading

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