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Fireball Gun

Fireball Gun

If you want to be more like Mario or Luigi, you don’t need a Fire Flower, because this project is for you. My friends and I were working on fixing up a FIAT x19 I had picked up for $100 … Continue reading

Yup; an SJ Bridge

Yup; An SJ Bridge

I actually liked this SJ bridge. The bridge had just a mild creek under it, with stepping stones set up by homeless across it. It was very zen like, the air was cool, and the homeless had a fire going … Continue reading

Burned Bunkers

Burned Barracks

This was a complex of fire-damaged barracks. The buildings were super unstable, so we had to be careful while placing every footstep. In one of the first areas we entered, the top story was completely sinking into the first story … Continue reading

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