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Sonic Pinball Panic!

While talking with one of my friends who also enjoy’s playing Pinball machines, I brought up how odd it is that Nintendo’s Mario had not one, but two physical pinball machines during the golden 8-bit and 16-bit era of video games: … Continue reading

Draw Bot Simulator

Draw Bot Simulator

TL;DR: I made a plotter that uses rotations to draw, and it’s hypnotic to watch. So recently I imagined an interesting way for a robot to draw images. Typically drawing robots (sometimes called “plotters”) use two axes, one for horizontal … Continue reading

Music Kiosk Hack

Music Kiosk Hack

The Story I love going to the flea market – over the years I’ve found many items money can’t buy. On a recent trip my friend and I discovered a music kiosk store display for only $10. I was intrigued, … Continue reading

Werd 87

Werd 87

My friend recently reminded me of this Troll project, so I decided to upload it. Back in high school I made a prequel-satire of Microsoft word, including a Clippy parody. Warning: if you run this, you will need to end … Continue reading


Swirls Arcade

I made this game for the same business I made the Swirls Website for. Although this wasn’t part of the job, I made it for fun to get back into programming.

The idea was to make a touch-screen compatible game for customers to pass time with, while waiting in line or for their order to be prepared.
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Space Shoot Out TI-89

Space Shoot Out

Space Shoot Out was my first major game for the TI-89 Graphing Calculator. Written in C++.

This is a generic overhead shoot-em-up, which was a very popular genre on calculators for the time. Continue reading

Super Mario 68K TI-89

Super Mario 68k

There was an advanced Mario game for the TI-89 calculator, but the name was changed to “Space Monkey Quest.” It featured Mario graphics, except coins became bananas.

This bothered me, so I set out to clone the entire first Super Mario Bros. for TI-89. Continue reading

Worms 89 TI-89

Worms 89

On ticalc.org I found a Worms clone for TI-89. My friends and I spent a huge amount of time playing it to/from school those days. It was limited in its terrain, weapon set, and physics in general. I decided to clone all of Worms World Party for the calculator. Continue reading

GTMT MiniGolf


This was my first major windows C++ program as well as my first full-on dive into OpenGL graphics. I made this during the end of high school, to compete with the jippii.co.uk 2d minigolf game.
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Originally I wanted to make a 2d game engine, with really detailed physics, and a game that involved solving physics related puzzles. Ultimately I started working on other projects, but this remains as a fun toy. Continue reading

Cool Effect Screen

Cool Effect

I went totally creative on naming this one =P. I was inspired by a screen saver that slowly disintegrates your desktop into a random mess. I decided to recreate this effect, but LIVE. You can actually still use the computer while it disintegrates. Continue reading

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