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Arduino Text Editor

Arduino Text Editor

Recently I decided to level up at electronics engineering. When I went to the 2014 San Mateo Maker’s Fair I picked up an Arduino UNO, not really knowing what to expect. After doing some of the basic tutorials I decided … Continue reading

Family Fun Center

Family Fun Center

This was a recently closed Family Fun Center, that featured MiniGolf, Go Karts, an Arcade among other attractions. I actually grew up in the area and was a patron many times, so this was a rather odd urban exploration.


Swirls Arcade

I made this game for the same business I made the Swirls Website for. Although this wasn’t part of the job, I made it for fun to get back into programming.

The idea was to make a touch-screen compatible game for customers to pass time with, while waiting in line or for their order to be prepared.
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