Amazing Geocaches

Amazing Geocaches

The other day I finally got around to upgrading my Geocaching account to premium. I wasn’t really planning on doing so, but my caching buddy had recently, and I wanted to be on the same page as him once we got out in the field. After having upgraded, we picked a spot that had a lot of premium-only caches, that were hands-down the best geocaches I’ve ever seen. Apparently the cache owner who created these is somewhat infamous for his work and effort. Even if other premium only caches aren’t nearly as good as these, these alone made up for the cost of the premium membership.

Since I was so blown away by these caches, I decided to visit them before work today and record some videos of them in action. Yup, these all have ACTION.


I will link to the geocaches themselves, but you may not be able to see the entries if you don’t have a premium Geocaching account.

Amazing Cache #1: Pathetic

When we first visited this one, it was dark and we found the mechanism, but couldn’t figure out how to work it. It took a day light trip to see it in action. First, you have to disassemble the top of some piping that looks like it’s part of a sprinkler system. Under which, reveals a mysterious pull-cord. After pulling on that cord, a cache pops out from a hidden location a few feet away! Check the video to see what I mean:

Amazing Cache #2: Red Rocket

We had no problem getting this one going, but even with it’s detailed description and hint we really didn’t know what to expect. You first find a hidden air-pump, which you push down on causing a bison-tube style cache to “rocket” out of a pipe about 14 feet away. The video doesn’t really do a good job showing the rocket flying out of the pipe, but after ward I show the rocket being found on the ground, and the pipe of which it was launched from. Some amazing effort was put in planning this clever cache.

Amazing Cache #3: Quick Trick Block Stack

This one had us confused at first, until we found the secret door on the right side of the contraption. Upon opening it, it reveals a gear mechanism that opens the “block stack.”

Amazing Cache #4: Nuts

This is yet another fantastic cache from the same cache owner. After checking the obvious compartment, a second compartment can be found on the right hand side which presents you with a tricky slide puzzle. Solving the puzzle allows you to uncover and remove a wooden dowel that, upon removal, drops open a secret trap door on the bottom of the box, releasing the cache inside. Fantastic work!

Amazing Geocache #5: Starship Enterprise’s Black Box

The clue for this one was, “Live Long and Prosper,” so of course the first thing one thinks of is the Vulcan hand sign.

There were a few more I didn’t document, but I will be back in the area because there are some out there still to find. Stay tuned for an update post, with more amazing caches from the same Cache Owner.

September 29, 2013 at 4:51 am | Geocaching


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